Monday 21 February 2011

Mad stuff I do for a living- Jedward edition

Judge me all you want, I secretely love this tattoo!
 I was asked to quickly design a template of  " I Love Jedward" tattoo for the Rumour Room and this is what I came up with. Than I had to draw it on Stephen's arm in the studio using  my black eyeliner. I wasn't 100% happy with the end result, perheaps because I had to do it in major panic just before the recording. He had it in two shows in a row, here's a link to one of them. He reveals the tattoo about 2:43 in:

Tv set in Aviva Stadium

This is a RTE Sport set for their studio in Aviva Stadium that I've co designed with Clyde Doyle last summer. We have put an insane amount of work into it and developed a mild milkshake addiction in the process.
At the time I was researching for a sci fy music video for friends, therefore the set has a faint Star Trek vibe.. The set can change colors so as you can see we had a brief fascination with purple.
The crap screen grabs, chair pics and the 3d drafts are done by me, the amazing photos with presenters by Clyde. Enjoy!