Monday 5 October 2009

I might be late for work but at least I'm nearly finished with this...

First of all, I've made those glasses for work and it was so much fun! They remind me of a mask my mom made for me when I was little.
Argh, the painting! It drives me nuts at this stage. There is something I really don't like about it but I just can't put my finger on it. I woke up early to finish it and just couldn't stop. As a result I'm late for work. Curiously, rather than hurry up, it appeared to be a good idea to go online..  I bet there is at least one group therapy for people like me within 2 miles from here. Anyway, I had no idea how messy this painting was until I've taken a picture of it. It definitely doesn't resemble me any more. I guess I'll have to put it away for the day and try to tidy it up tomorrow morning.
And, of course, none of my posts is complete without a bird sketch there somewhere.

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rkcim said...

Hi clockwork,

I suppose you didn't work like a clock that morning since you were late for work, lol. I like your painting style.

Send me a pic of you and I have a go at doing one in charcoal.

email: rkcim_at_livedotcom